Origin of the precious metal

The precious metals I use are obtained exclusively from secondary materials and guarantee the highest purity and ecological and ethical harmlessness.

The professional association precious metals (Fachvereinigung Edelmetalle) and its member companies are committed to their social, ecological and economic responsibility and act accordingly.

The precious metals produced in Germany are recovered from waste material. Thanks to their excellent recycling properties, the precious metals make a vital contribution to protecting natural resources.

General material information

All jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and 750 gold.

Contact with clothing, hard surfaces, sweat, perfume and other environmental influences can change the surface structure and color.

When it comes to surfaces, all matt surfaces become more shiny due to friction and all glossy surfaces become matt over time.

By wearing, the silver piece (especially rings) on the outer surfaces is lightly polished, while the deeper areas darken and the details come out even more beautifully. If silver jewelry is not worn for a long time, it becomes dull and tarnishes.

Provided that the jewelry does not contain stones, pearls, plastics or lacquers, silver care products are available for freshening up. Please follow the instructions for use carefully.

You can also easily clean the silver jewelry in a circular motion with a toothbrush, warm water and detergent (this applies to pieces without stones, pearls, plastics and paints). The best way to remove dirt is with a household ultrasound device.

Blackened jewelry will become lighter in the outer areas that are often rubbed. Here, too, there is a beautiful contrast with the deeper, darker areas that still emphasize the shapes.

We offer professional cleaning and refreshing of the pieces for free in the first five years.

In order to maintain the shine, surface coating and durability of your jewelry, we would like to give you some useful care instructions.

Care instructions

After wearing, keep your jewelry in a safe place, such as your bedroom. In the bathroom, your jewelry is not protected from tarnishing or matting due to moisture and other vapors.

Always take your jewelry off for showering, washing and sleeping and store it in the jewelry boxes provided.

Avoid contact with soap, perfume, make-up and hair spray if possible. These contain chemicals that can damage the surface.

Avoid contact with hard surfaces (e.g. keychain) and do not wear your jewelry for household or garden work or for sports.

Enjoy wearing it!