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Art to Wear - handmade in Munich.

Bold, unique jewellery for special occasions, sculptures to adore and to wear, and also smaller pieces for the joy of everyday...

"In my work both deliberate formations and the inherent flow of nature are utilized to render symbiotic landscapes. Organic elements sprouting from lifeless shapes and constructions are often found in my pieces; this interaction is the core of my creative drive."

The precious metals used are obtained exclusively from secondary materials and guarantee the highest purity and ecological and ethical harmlessness.

Wearing jewellery changes our self-perception, our attitude and our behavior: it gives strength, self-worth and self-consciousness.

Jewellery emphasizes beauty, attracts attention and shapes the other person's image of the jewellery wearer and their attitude towards her or him.


In my work, the boundary between jewellery and object is often fluid. Also attractive as a sculpture, each piece only develops its full potential in the relationship with the wearer.

Although every piece has a story to express, I want to keep it abstract and open to enable the viewer to have their own personal access and interpretation to my work. 

In principle I want to give my pieces something positive and powerful that passes on to the wearer.

My work should be a reminder of the beauty and preciousness of each moment and an invitation to look at the world with open eyes. A celebration of life.

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