"Even the pieces titles refer to the influences from architecture and nature, growth and change. They sound like a survey through imaginary cities. Others point to poetic places, which you can imagine as a scenery for film or theatre. Behind the pieces inspired by nature, landscape and plants stand processes, transformations, sometimes even stories that you can recognise in the pieces."

Illona von Seckendorff, 2014

the wallflower


Intrigued by the power and beauty of growth and change, I explore the unfolding of life, decay and evolvement of something new as an endless process. So fragile and yet so powerful, inexorable. My work reflects on survival and power in a man made world, based on two opposites: rational construction and the natural world.

Who survives? What will persist? Where is it going to?

I aim to analyse various moments of the interaction between two elements, that lie between integration, adaption and suppression. It is a journey from the beginning of a life to the triumph of the other: a give and take.


Swayed by these worlds and thoughts my wearable sculptures appear like poetic places, abstract landscapes or organisms from another time.



Most of my works are made of recycled silver. Some pieces have details of gold, gemstones, acrylic or others – materials that are good to handle with in daily use.

Sometimes elements are 3D printed, for certain shapes, surfaces or appealing materials. However, in principle I create my objects with the goldsmithing craftmanship, by what the adorable and unique character in every single piece forms.


The most of my jewelley pieces are rings, for also when worn they can be looked at, turned around and explored: they become a mobile sculpture. Alongside I make necklaces and brooches as one off. My large collections of earrings and everyday rings are made in limited series.